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CEO’s greeting

With its over 60 years’ history,
tradition, passion and young spirit,
Taiyoung Shipping wishes to be a
lifelong partner of customers.

  • CEO

I sincerely thank you for your continued support for Taiyoung Shipping.

Since founded, Taiyoung Shipping has been creating values for its customers by providing transportation services through conventional and container vessels as a mid-sized Korean national shipping company.

Under our quality management system, Taiyoung Shipping adopts effective management strategies and assures its shipping services are of high quality. Also, Taiyoung Shipping is moving forward to become a company that maximizes customer satisfaction and trust, and a total logistics company that invests in the businesses of shipping agency, international forwarder, vessel manager, etc.

In this age of global economy, Taiyoung Shipping will provide further-improved services by investing aggressively in vessels, expanding overseas networks and adopting a data-based, customer-oriented on-line logistics system to satisfy your diverse shipping needs.

My esteemed customers, Taiyoung Shipping wishes to become your family and partner.
I appreciate your constant support for Taiyoung Shipping, a shipping company with over 60 years of history, tradition, passion and innovative spirit.