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Business Ethics

Dear members of Taiyoung Shipping,

Becoming a ‘respected company’ depends on how strongly the company is trusted by all stakeholders, including customers, employees, society, etc., and such trust cannot be won by chance.

The trust of all stakeholders can only be achived when the management system strongly promotes a culture of ethical business management and all employees voluntarily participate in such promotion.

In an environment where companies compete more fiercely than ever, a company must innovate how it does its businesses to ensure its survival and growth. In such circumstances, ‘ethical business management’ has emerged as one of the core competitive capacities of companies.

Currently, most companies have adopted and implemented ethical business management as their basic value of business management. Aiming to become a global company, we must also adopt ethical business management more aggressively.

To take a leap into the more promising future, Taiyoung Shipping will become a truly respected and trusted company, when all of us comply with and practice our Code of Ethics. Remember, the ethical business management is an absolute necessity for the survival and sustainable growth of Taiyoung Shipping.

Let us work hard to make Taiyoung Shipping the more transparent and ethically clean company by practicing the ethical business management. Let us make Taiyoung Shipping a truly respected and trusted company that we are proud of and our customers trust and love.